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France, which kept its colonial grip on Algeria, administered as an integral part of France with extensive colonial settlements, for more than a century (from 1830 to 1962), never recognized the appalling brutality of its conquest of the North African territory, neither its bloody repression of the Algerian independence movement, nor its inhuman and degrading treatment of the Algerian people during colonization, in spite of innumerable requests to do so by the Algerians. In fact, France never came to grips with its colonial past. Even worst, in February 2005, the French parliament voted to pass a law in which France’s colonialism would be referred to as a “positive role”, but the law was repealed a year later by former President Jacques Chirac.

France’s behavior in Algeria remains a highly charged and controversial issue. It has resurfaced recently during the campaign for the presidential election of April 23, 2017, when candidate Emmanuel Macron, called colonisation of Algeria a crime against humanity, a ‘real barbarity’, the first time a French politician refers to French occupation of Algeria in these terms.

More recently, the Algerian government “submitted a new proposals to a reluctant France, over the issue of compensation Paris has to provide to victims of  large-scale nuclear tests conducted by the colonial power in the southern Algerian region of Reggane , which resulted in “42,000 Algerians killed and thousand others irradiated in 17 nuclear tests carried out between 1960 and 1966.”

Will France compensate the victims of its nuclear tests in Algeria, and start the process of finally coming to grips with its colonial past in that country?

Nejib Ayachi for The Maghreb Center