Tunisia: Creeping Populist and Demagogic Islamization is Threatening Freedoms

April 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

Tunisia: Creeping [Populist and Demagogic] Islamization is Threatening Freedoms  (By Ikhlas Latif, Published in Courrier International  on 04/14/2017, and translated by the Maghreb Center)

A movie director assaulted, a British DJ condemned in absentia to one year in prison, pressing calls for the closure of stores selling alcohol… The image of a tolerant, open and progressive Tunisia will soon be just a myth.

It was necessary to strike hard. There was an emergency. It was impossible to wait, the matter was very serious and national security was at stake. Tunisian justice did not fail and delivered its verdict without delay. The dangerous criminal who infringed the feelings of Tunisians has been condemned in absentia to one year in prison. Justice has finally been served, Tunisians’ honor is safe, and religion is protected.

This is indeed the surrealist verdict issued by a Tunisian court against a British DJ who played a remix recording of the Muslim call to prayer in a discotheque in the resort town of Hammamet, during a music festival, on March 31.  The artist is accused of “public outrage of modesty”, and “breaching public morality and causing harm to  good morals”. As if the campaign on social media, as well as the harassment and death threats against the DJ were not enough, the governor of Hammamet region, was invested with the noble mission of defending the faith, and he decided to close the discotheque.

In addition, in just a few days, Tunisian justice, usually so indolent, hastened to repair the offense. Now, our valiant authorities must contact Interpol and launch an international search warrant against the criminal villain. When it comes to protecting the sacred against the “profaners”, to preserve morality, the judicial machine moves swiftly. We throw hundreds of young people into the hole for smoking a joint, we perform anal tests on homosexuals who have asked nothing other than to live their lives like everyone else, but…  Other cases of terrorism, rape or murder can always wait. Click here to read the article.

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